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Internationally recognized for its experience, integrity, and depth of knowledge in handling complex and sensitive matters.


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DEMING PLLC was founded in 2003 by Stuart H. Deming after serving in a number of capacities in Washington, D.C. in government and in the private sector. DEMING PLLC quickly established a strong national and international reputation for excellence in handling matters related to international legal issues, especially matters relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-bribery legislation in other parts of the world.

Experienced and Highly Regarded

DEMING PLLC is a firm with extensive experience handling major matters throughout the United States and abroad. Built upon the unusually broad background and superb reputation of Stuart H. Deming, DEMING PLLC caters to clients from all over the world. Its clients value its experience, depth of knowledge and dependability in handling complex and highly sensitive matters. Its specialized expertise is unique, particularly with matters relating to the FCPA and anti-bribery laws throughout the world.

DEMING PLLC Regularly Advises Major Foreign and Domestic Law Firms

DEMING PLLC regularly provides its specialized expertise to support major foreign and domestic law firms, accounting and consulting firms, and counsel for companies, organizations, and audit committees. DEMING PLLC is a law firm with established relationships with a broad range of professionals inside and outside of the legal profession. These relationships allow DEMING PLLC to assemble a team of experts to serve the special needs of its clients.

DEMING PLLC is a Law Firm with a Small-Town Perspective

A Washington firm with a small-town perspective, DEMING PLLC is uniquely suited to work closely with its clients. Where necessary, it selects and monitors collaborating counsel and consultants to ensure strong support for all aspects of matters entrusted to it for legal advice. Regardless of whether clients are individuals, large or small entities, or foreign or domestic in their orientation, DEMING PLLC treats each with the special care and respect they deserve. Personal attention, collaboration, cost-effective and successful results represent the caliber of service its clients have come to expect.


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