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Internationally recognized for its experience, integrity, and depth of knowledge in handling complex and sensitive matters.

Other International Practice Areas

United States Department of the Treasury in Washington, DCDEMING PLLC, with offices in Washington, D.C. and Michigan, has experience handling transactional and regulatory matters associated with the conduct of international business and associated international activities.

International Business Law

DEMING PLLC regularly works with foreign and domestic companies, organizations, and individuals, and their law firms, on a wide range of business and regulatory matters. It provides advice and assistance in negotiating and drafting legal instruments and addressing the range of issues associated with sending employees abroad. DEMING PLLC conducts due diligence concerning international transactions as well as a range of matters normally encompassed in a general corporate practice.

International Regulatory Matters

In terms of regulatory matters associated with engaging in international business, DEMING PLLC has an in-depth understanding of compliance issues associated with economic sanctions and obtaining specific licenses to engage in trade in certain parts of the world. DEMING PLLC is also equipped to address matters related to export controls, anti-boycott, and anti-money laundering laws, and the application of International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS).

Foreign Service Grievance Board

DEMING PLLC has experience successfully representing U.S. foreign service officers in proceedings before the Foreign Service Grievance Board (FSGB).  DEMING PLLC has also worked closely with the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) in addressing collateral issues associated with appeals before the Board as well as grievance proceedings that precede appeals.

Whistleblower Complaints

DEMING PLLC has experience in a variety of contexts with whistleblowers.  This includes making disclosures and pursuing claims under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Dodd-Frank Act; making disclosures and pursuing claims through the Office of Special Counsel, and making disclosures to and working with inspector generals and Congressional committees. DEMING PLLC has also experience handling matters under the Congressional Accountability Act.


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