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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in MichiganThe Michigan office of DEMING PLLC provides sophisticated probate services for individuals, families and corporate trusts throughout Michigan.

Estate Planning

The Michigan office of DEMING PLLC has experience providing advice and handling all aspects of estate planning for individuals residing in the state of Michigan. This includes the preparation of wills, trusts, insurance trusts, health care directives, durable powers of attorney, and the range of documents that may need to be considered and prepared in the course of estate planning. It also includes providing guidance on often overlooked issues such as the designations of beneficiaries for IRAs and insurance policies.

Probate, Tax, and Litigation Experience

Stuart H. Deming is particularly well-suited to be able to address the range of legal and tax issues that associated with estate planning issues. In addition to his experience litigating complex probate matters, he also has an ability to understand the tax ramifications as an attorney with a background as a CPA and as a trial attorney with the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Administration of Estates

Where probate may be required in administering an estate, DEMING PLLC works with clients in designing the most efficient and cost-effective approach. It also works with personal representatives to assist them in resolving the range of issues that arise. Where necessary, DEMING PLLC takes an active role in assisting the personal representative in addressing the more challenging issues that may arise.

Trust Administration

DEMING PLLC works with trustees in providing them with the guidance they need in administering the trusts for which they have been charged with responsibility. Frequently practical and legal issues arise that require the assistance of a firm with probate experience. Tax ramifications may also be involved. DEMING PLLC has requisite expertise to assist clients in working through a range of issues that can and often do arise.

Probate Litigation

DEMING PLLC has experience litigating a broad array of issues associated with probate matters. This includes situations where the validity of a will may be in question or where the interpretation of a will or trust documents may be involved. DEMING PLLC has also litigated issues associated with the beneficiaries of IRAs where complex tax issues were involved.


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